Gayatri Ashwamedha Preparation meeting/gosthi with Ad. Gaud Babuji

As the dates of Gayatri Ashwamedha Yagna are approaching, Gayatri Pariwar Banglaore is getting engaged in slew of activities related to the Yagna. To encourage and motivate Gayatri Pariwar Bangalore members, a very senior parijan from Shatikunj Ad. Gaud Babuji is here in Bangalore. We are fortunate to have a person like him among us who spent considerable amount of time with Pujyaniya Guruji and Param Vandniya Mataji. Ad. Gaud Babuji has overseen the preparation of many Ashwamedhas earlier and he is here to help us with his wisdom.

In this context a 'Karyakarta Gosthi/meeting’ was organised at “Kadva Patidar Samaj Bhavan Banas wadi’. Parijans started assembling at the site from 9:30 am and by 10 am sufficient parijans were there to start the programme. During this time soulful yugsangeet by Shobha didi and team made the whole atmosphere serene, and provided a perfect setting for our meeting.

As per our tradidtion the meeting started with Deep prajwalan(Lamp lighting) and Guru Pujan. Our senior parijan Shri Kheta Bapa and Shri Gaud babuji lighted the lamp.

Rajesh Singh bhaiya updated the gathering about the preparation of Gaytri Ashwamedha Yagya. He spoke at length about various activities like ‘Nasha Mukti Rally’, ‘Anusthan Shrinkhla’ Facebook and Social media coverage related to Gayatri Ashwamedha. He also thanked the parijans for their support and requested them to take up new activities like covering Schools, NGOs, Apartments and Temples for the Ashwamedha advertisement(prachaar/prasar).

Later Ad. Gaud Babuji made a captivating speech in which he quoted various instances from his interactions with Gurudev and Mataji. One instance worth mentioning is related to Ashwamedha Yagya of Bhopal. He said that Bhopal parijans planned to do an Ashwamedha Yagya , but when they thought through the details like budget, preparation etc. they felt that it will not be possible for them to complete this herculean task. They wrote a letter to Mataji stating their inability. Mataji in turn asked Gaud babauji to go to Bhopal, conduct a Goshthi and declare that Ahwamedha Yagya Bhopal cancelled. Gaud Babuji told Mataji that he will not go to Bhopal for cancelling Ashwamedha Yagya, but he will go there to make it happen. He reached Bhopal, conducted a meeting with Bhopal parijans and told them that we are just a ‘means’ for this divine cause, but it is the work of Gurudev and he will take care. Only thing I need is few parijans from you who can take sankalp of even selling their houses if required to manage the finances of the Yagya. Five parijans took that sankalp and the preparation of Ashwamedha started. Rest, everybody says is History. Bhopal Ashwamedha was super success and the parijans who pledged to sell their houses for Ashwamedha ended up having few more houses of their own in due course.

Gaud Babuji enlightening speech enthralled assembled parijans and motivated them to work even harder for Gaytri Ashwamedha Yagya. He also took few questions related to Ashwamedha Yagya preparations.
Uttam bhaiya updated parijans about the forthcoming programmes, important being Ad. Dr. Chinmay Pandya’s programme in Tumkur and Ad. Dr. Saheb programme in Bangalore. He also stated that in the process of conducting such divine events some disturbance from the ‘asuri shaktis/evil forces’ might come in the form of emails, smses to divert our attention, but we need to stay focussed and with the blessing of Gurusatta we will make this spiritual and divine event a great success.

After the meeting there were networking sessions among the parijans on lunch. Also Rajesh Bhaiya utilised this occasion to have sub-meeting where he finalized the teams for the NGO, Schools and Apartments coverage for Ashwamedha Yagya advertisement (prachar/Prasar).

Last but not the least, Gayatri Pariwar Banglore extend a heartfelt gratitude to ‘Kadva Patidar Samaj’ for their support to organise this Gosthi in their premises and arranging for sumptuous lunch.

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