Meeting to finalize End to End plan for Ashwamedha Yagya

With the blessings of Gurusatta, Bangalore unit of All world Gayatri Pariwar is tirelessly working for the preparation of the Ashwamedha Yagya to be held on 17-20 Jan 2014.As the dates of this great spiritual event are nearing, an all hands meeting of the Gayatri Pariwar parijans was held to present the final plan of execution.
NKP SIngh babuji started the meeting with Gayatri mantra and Guru vandana.
Rajesh bhaiya updated the audience about the creation of following teams and its co-ordinators..

1) Zonal Prachar-Prashar team: CO-ordinator- Rakesh Shrivastava bhaiyaa
2) Centralised Prachar-Prashar team: Co-ordinator- Rajesh Singh Bhaiya and Sonali Didi.
3) Exhibition team: Co-ordinator- Ashwini Katre and Arpita Tembhre Katre
4) Account and Workshop: Co-ordinator- Amitabh Saraf
5) Accommodation and Registration: Co-ordinator- Mihir Ranjan Tripathy

Agenda of the meeting was the presentation from each of the above teams.Each team co-coordinator presented his plan with deadlines and the help required in terms of volunteers, infrastructure and capital.
Apart from above Rajesh bhaiya announced the formation of various other committees like News, Emergency, Food, Kalash yatra etc. with their respective owners. He also reminded parijans about the anshdan that needs to be done by them as the expenditure has already been started now.

During each presentation various valuable suggestions came and were taken note of.

In brief following points were highlighted.

1) Almost every team require volunteers and hence parijans are requested to come forward for the help for this divine cause.
2) Anshdan/Donation needs to be expedited. Details for the donation i.e. Bank name , Account no. etc, has been shared in the mail.

For the details for any of the above and to volunteer you can contact Rajesh Singh Bhaiya @9686451459 or Santosh Kumar Singh @ 9448191342

Meeting was attended by about 100 enthusiastic parijans. Zeal and excitement for this great cause was palpable among the parijans. Meeting concluded with a informal networking session among the parijans and bhojan prasad.