Clothes Distribution


About Clothes Distribution

Gayatri Parivar volunteers carefully plan the clothes distribution by first identifying a slum or a needy neighbourhood. The clothes are donated by the members and collected in our Kendra. We ensure that the clothes are washed and ironed before donation. Meticulous planning in sorting the clothes according to age and gender ensures that activity runs smooth on the day of distribution and that maximum people get benefited. We have been running this program for the past six years.Bengaluru’s winter can be tough for the homeless people who sleep on the pavements. Our volunteers have been specifically addressing the needs of these people during winter. Donations are collected from the members and new blankets are procured. Volunteers get onto their bikes and travel around the city at night distributing blankets to the homeless. This activity can at times continue till wee hours of the morning. ‘Smile and happiness on the faces of the homeless energizes us to continue further’ say the volunteers.

Gallery Of Clothes Distribution