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Gruhe Gruhe Gayatri Yagya Abhiyaan

18th March 2018, Sunday

Bhartiya culture is said to originate from Gayatri as its mother and Yagya as its father. Yagya are given a lot of importance in our culture. There are many advantages of Yagya at the physical mental and spiritual levels. At every auspicious occasion Yagya are performed as an integral part of celebration.

It is a proven fact that when Yagya is performed at home, it increases positivity, mental peace, happiness, love and cooperation among family members and kills harmful bacteria and reduces pollution.

Gayatri Pariwar, Bangalore plans to begin the Hindu new year (Yugadi, Gudi Padwa) on 18 March in a unique manner! It has planned to conduct yagya simultaneously in 54 homes in Bangalore. This is a grand spiritual experiment aimed to promote positivity and happiness in the whole world.

Why don't you join us in this experiment also? Gayatri Pariwar will help you in obtaining all material for the yagya.

Let us celebrate this auspicious Yugadi day with Yagya and have a fulfilling new year.

Gruhe Gruhe Gayatri Yagya Abhiyan

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